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Virgo's detailed personality profile

Sometimes nothing else matters and you may appear greedy and wasteful. However, the lack of intimacy and romance in her life led to depression and moodiness. Moon square Venus transit increases your need for pleasure through love and affection. You should feel sociable, romantic, sensual and sentimental.

However, sometimes you can be careless, moody or self-indulgent. If your love life were to suffer you would then feel sad and lonely. You will probably find it hard to get motivated for any difficult or challenging tasks such as going to work. A much better option is to seek pleasure through friendship or activities that bring you joy. A healthy relationship may undergo some slightly uncomfortable moments, This can easily be remedied by making an extra effort to please your lover and compromise to maintain harmony.

Unsatisfying relationships may suffer from disloyalty or other forms of disrespect. Trying to satisfy your need for intimacy with a stranger would cause problems because of your carelessness and low standards. A new romance now would be challenging but not impossible. There would be a number of tests to pass in order to be sure of mutual love, respect, and loyalty.

When seeking pleasure be mindful of a tendency to overdo things.

Self-indulgence, greed, and laziness would not make you look so beautiful. Avoid impulse buying and leave your credit card at home. Yep this sounds tough and I truly feel the sadness and frustration this may cause and affect having a love life or love of life, not that I agree with life being a competitive game as it had becone, but I somehow think may be my moon in Libra in 12th house inconjunct my Venus in Taurus in 7th, has me well in the running for the title of the biggest liser lol!

I somehow realized while I was observing my friends with such natal aspect that they want the things they dont need and when they get what they really need they reject it going after the things in life they crave for. I have felt objectified for as long as I can remember because I never had clear messages from my parents. Growing up I was considered ugly actually…funny enough.

I only started really being seen as pretty when I left secondary school, after age 16 or so. However by then I still had never really mastered the art of self esteem. I learned something from them plus none of them treated me badly it just was me wanting to be loved and them just seeming to be stuck on my looks or whatever they were attracted to.. Some civic issue are unaffected by religious teachings. A planet near the ascendant, the midheaven, the nadir or the descendant.

Choosing baby name with birth date compatibility. Okay, that should keep you busy and adequately informedexcitedinspired? This is an excellent combination of numbers for a leader or a manager: the general ability and desire to coordinate some large-scale practical activity is supported by self-confidence and the ability to rely only on one's own energy and resources. Aquarius's need for close, personal relationships is not as great as leo's. Have you ever stopped to look at your life and asked, isn't.

Luckily, snake also contains male metal. Coolness as a humour brings passivity and fixity. This is less of a problem for Virgo than it is for the other earth signs, because of the stirring Mercurial influence which lightens movement, adds mental flexibility, and allows a sharper intellectual reaction than can be expected from Taurean and Capricornian colleagues.

However, being grounded by the earthy qualities of practicality, hard work, and realism, Virgos have little interest in abstract theories that defy application; for the same reason, they don't tend to strive towards the unrealistic levels of perfection that many accuse them of. As an earth sign, Virgo is ultimately a realist — not an idealist. If Virgos have acquired a reputation for being perfectionists, it is simply because of their proclivity for diligence and consistency of effort.

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They tend to be unhappy with slack standards, and since they are predisposed to working long and hard themselves, it is to be expected that they will urge others to do likewise. However, the sign would not have such a reputation for good judgement were it not for the ability to balance ideals against available time and resources.

In this, Virgos are particularly gifted and can be relied upon to identify the most satisfactory expectations under any given set of circumstances and to plan efficiently and work appropriately towards fulfilling them. With perceptive insight, enviable application, and diplomatic expression, the natives of this sign might be considered exceptionally well equipped for manoeuvring into authoritative positions and gaining an abundance of material success.

Yet, they are rarely driven by the accumulation of power or wealth, and for the most part, they take full satisfaction in providing the wind beneath the wings of other highfliers. The dry disposition which feeds their talent for analysis rejects public attention and seeks to avoid centre stage at all costs, in particular because they are aware of their own acute nervous reactions, and this heightens their instinct to plan, prepare, and practice rather than rely upon spontaneous responses.

They submit to responsibility but do not like to assume it. Being of a modest nature, they are apt to underestimate their own abilities; they are too cautious to engage in the gambles and devil-may-care risks required of the entrepreneurial spirit and cling to convention, preferring to operate within established frameworks where they can evaluate themselves against predetermined criteria. Virgos are too often dismissed as ideal "secretarial material"; they can and do excel in managerial positions but usually within a large corporate environment where there are established procedures and a higher level of authority to defer to.

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Virgos do not necessarily seek out support positions, but they find contentment within them, and they can derive great pride and self-respect from offering themselves in the service of something that appears to play an important role in society. For some, this will be a marriage vow; for others, the principles of parenthood; or it might be an industry, institution, charity, religion, political cause, or area of study. Many outstanding Virgo individuals have risen to prominence using their ability to find fulfilment within the act of service to others; they don't go looking for fame but often have it thrust upon them by the power of their own achievements.

Notable examples include Mother Teresa, who felt the call of God and dedicated her life to helping the poor; Leo Tolstoy, who left his mark as one of the greatest novelists of all time and a champion of pacificism, for which he is remembered as Russia's greatest moral authority; and Queen Elizabeth I of England, who achieved great personal glory and held the highest position of command but drew her strength from the Virgoan aspiration of honouring her responsibilities and serving the needs of her country.

So it is with love. We all know the theory: Virgo's cool ardour is the result of such impossibly high romantic ideals that very few would-be lovers are able to rouse this sign to heights of passion. Certainly, this is not a sign to "put it about," and the natural sense of discrimination that most Virgos possess leave them unimpressed by inflated egos or showy personas that gather a lot of attention elsewhere.

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However, given the right conditions, Virgos are as passionate and openly romantic as the natives of any other sign of the zodiac. The problem is that Virgos usually are decidedly uncomfortable in love affairs that challenge the practicality of their everyday lives and responsibilities. Temptations may be strong and sincere, and painful broken hearts may be involved, but of all the zodiac types, Virgos are least likely to give up everything that defines the structure of their lives in the hope of emotional fulfilment with the partner of their dreams.

Like Celia Johnson in the classic romantic drama Brief Encounter , Virgos decline self-indulgence when it conflicts with the duties that they hold in good conscience. Lacking the will to take inappropriate pleasure when another will suffer discomfort, Virgos will settle for the practical solution that most satisfies the needs of everyone involved. This usually means accepting the burden of self-restraint rather than the distress they would feel pursuing self-centred interests.

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Here is that "consideration for others" trait again, and it comes from the Virgoan urge for harmony and the understanding that everything is connected. Other zodiac types might be persuaded that we only live once and owe it to ourselves to put our own desires first — but not Virgos.

Sun enters Scorpio

You will find below the horoscope of Greta Garbo with her interactive chart, an excerpt of her astrological portrait Moon: 19°58' Taurus, MC: 20°49' Capricorn. Natal Astro Chart: Greta Garbo (Greta Lovisa Gustafsson) Biography, Wikipedia, Bio, Age, Greta Garbo Birthdate (Born Greta Garbo astro natal birth chart, Greta Garbo horoscope, astrology . Moon in Taurus °49' (Soli-Lunar Degree).

The realisation of being integrally bound to everything around them anchors them, for better or for worse, but usually for the sake of practicality rather than in spite of it. More romantic signs may view this as a failing or a waste, but upon deeper reflection it can be recognised as the true beauty of this sign and the source of its greatest strength. Virgos are blessed with a natural sense of harmony that could hardly be expressed without an inner motivation towards synchronization. Such recognition also inclines them towards pursuits that call for integration between the mind and the body, fostering a particularly well-suited interest in astrology where creative intelligence and the cycles of nature are married in the study of heaven and earth , herbalism, natural therapies, and many forms of alternative medicine.

With the urge to do and make as forceful as their urge to think and analyse, Virgos in fact delight in all crafts where they can create something useful or beautiful out of raw materials and the application of ingenuity. This sign has a deep connection with the produce of the earth, and taken as the herald of the harvest, Virgo expresses the principle of gathering and organising the fruits of labour.

Moon Square Venus Transit

This makes it easy to identify in what sign the Node resides in your natal chart, even if you do not have a natal horoscope chart available. That is why I suspect we see them in event charts where the event will do a great deal to bringing the person closer to the divine. March 7 Horoscope Some other solarians, although more discreet, still manage to be the focus of any debate, even in situations of exclusion. You do not want to throw your partnership efforts awry with this placement. However, it will require initiative to renew the relationship both of you had in the past. The Karmic Level. But as no sidereal ephemeris for this year is available, we have no option but to use a tropical ephemeris for and by adding the sidereal longitude of the vernal point V.

From the zodiac's origin as a device to record seasonal activity, Virgo has been symbolically attached to the activities that centre around taking stock of resources and planning for the season ahead, based upon the knowledge of what is available and the expectation that there is little or no more to come. Consequently, although the sign abounds in expressed creativity, its essential purpose is to put to good use what is currently accessible rather than to expect an increase. In this way, we can understand the otherwise contradictory element of such a powerfully creative and fruitful symbol the Maiden of the harvest being viewed in astrology as a "barren" sign — for example, Virgo is used in decumbiture charts as an indication of infertility.

Virgo is a conservative energy, and conservatism is a word that can be applied to every level of Virgoan self-expression.

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The concern with methodical categorisation is merely a manifest aspect of this, acutely observed by traditional authors who listed objects and places of storage as one of the sign's major themes of signification. Why, then, if Virgo is such a practical sign, has it acquired a reputation for faddy diets and the kind of delicate sensitivity that makes Virgo bring to mind the word hypochondriac?

The answer can be found in the anatomical relationships of traditional astrology, where Virgo, as an earth sign, is denoted as melancholic : a humour that is "seated" in the spleen. The melancholic humour as we would expect from its cooling and drying qualities is responsible for condensing and retaining in the body and mind whatever is potentially useful; therefore, melancholic types are expected to have good memories, controlled emotions, an interest in study, and reticent dispositions that incline them to keep their thoughts and experiences to themselves.

More specifically, within sign rulerships over body areas, Virgo governs the abdomen, which includes the spleen, and also the diaphragm and the soft tissue that lies beneath the diaphragm, known as the hypochondrium the term comes from the Greek hupokhondros , meaning "under cartilage".

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Cancer then takes the main rulership of the stomach although Virgo retains some significance here , with Virgo resuming rulership over the organs that lie below the stomach: the belly, bowels, and small intestine. The hypochondrium was believed to be a particularly sensitive emotional area, because it supports the lungs the seat of the phlegmatic humour , and beneath it lie the spleen on one side and the liver the seat of the sanguine humour and the gallbladder the seat of the choleric humour on the other.

Together with the melancholic tendency towards sluggish digestion, which causes problems like constipation, Virgos are obviously prone to having very sensitive digestive systems and a powerful gut-level instinct and emotion. The modern interpretation of hypochondria is to have a vague sense of illness that cannot be identified or defined, and as applied to Virgos, we should see this as referring to nervous anxieties, emotional tensions, and illnesses that centre themselves around the abdomen, rather than suggesting a groundless conviction that one is likely to become ill when there is no due cause.

By the same token, this strong Virgoan emphasis upon the solar plexus region can create vague symptoms, due to the overstimulation of the nerves that lead to the stomach,3 but is also the means by which Virgos draw upon an instinctive sense of "knowing"; this gut-level knowledge is then filtered through their intellectual analysis to effect judgements that are noted for their reliability.

Mercury as sign and exaltation ruler Venus as daytime triplicity ruler. Although Venus gains some strength in daytime charts, it is still debilitated in Virgo, the sign where it experiences its fall. Moon as nighttime triplicity ruler. Debilitated in Virgo: Jupiter by detriment Venus by fall.

Virgo is a sign of average height, but since it is ruled by Mercury, the build is slender with straight, angular features. Movement is light and quick; the voice is quiet, becoming high pitched or shrill when raised. The Virgo style is neat, discreet, simple, conservative, and understated.