Pearl gemstone astrology

Ratna Jyoti : Benefits of Pearl / Moti / Mukta

You can buy certified pearls online, but ensure that you speak to a gemologist or an astrologer first. If you are looking for authentic pearls, ask for a certificate of authenticity from the dealer. There are some dealers who falsely label cultured pearls like the Akoya, Freshwater, Tahitian or Freshwater pearls as the authentic pearls. It needs to be remembered that they are all cultured pearls.

Gemstone Astrology

If you want to diversify your choices of pearl jewelry, you can choose pearl earrings, pearl bracelets, pearl necklaces. Your email address will not be published. Skip to content. Amazing Benefits of Pearls Gemstone Pearls or moti stone have been in use since ages. Some of them are: Benefits of pearl gemstone Pearl Stone rings and necklaces have an amazing effect on the people who get angry quickly.

Physical healing benefits Gemstones are a perennial source of precious energy that is associated with every planet.

Pearl Gemstone (मोती)

Price of pearls Price of pearls depends on the type of pearl that is being used. Spread the knowledge. Japan and Australia are the best sources of Pearl. Pearl is very useful for ladies as it increases their beauty and facial luster.

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It develops good harmony between husband and wife. It inspires love and faith between the two partners.

Pearl according to horoscope:

Those who are born with Virgo as their Moon Sign may find this month to give some constructive results Planets In Houses. Shri Vinayaka Astrology presents transit results of Mars during this period. This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Aries, Cancer, Scorpio and Sagittarius as their Moon sign. This transit will give favorable results for those who are born with Taurus, Libra and Capricornas their Moon sign Pearl represents the celestial body Moon which is the Symbol of Strong Mental power and peace and it is Gentle in nature.

Pearl in combination with Rudraksha helps to solve problems related to depression and pessimism. It can allay ailments of eyes, throat, digestion systems and stomach, notwithstanding advancing mental peace and steadiness.

Gemstone for Moon: Moti (Pearl)

Most people choose pearls for creating more peace for themselves. Pearls play the role of creating balance and providing cooling energy. It is believed that the person who wears pearl gets a lot of fame, respect, wealth and kingly comforts.

Day of Wearing Pearl: Monday. The metal of wearing Pearl: Silver. Finger for wearing Pearl: Little Finger. Mantra for Pearl: "Aum Chandraya Namah". The quality of the pearl gemstone depends on size, shape, color, luster and surface quality. Larger pearls are rarer and more valuable than smaller pearls of the same type. Natural and cultured pearls occur in a broad range of hues.

Magical Properties:

There are warm hues like yellow, orange, and pink, and cool hues like blue, green, and violet. Pearls have a wide range of tone from light to dark. Pearl colors tend to be muted, with a soft, subtle quality. Freshwater pearl stone and south sea pearl gemstone come in the category of top quality pearl gemstones.

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Benefits of pearl gemstone

Every gemstone has the innate ability to provide its wearer with positivity. This holds good for a pearl too. Interested in donning a pearl? Want to know what good. Pearl: Pearl is the gemstone of the lord Moon. In general, everyone can wear it as an ornament. But to get astrological benefits of it, it has to be worn such that it.

We provide free shipping across India. If there is a beneficial Moon in your horoscope, you must wear a Pearl.

According to Astrology, the Moon reflects the human mind, Its impact is in our thinking. Pearls in maintaining the stability of our minds are proven extremely Useful. One can have good relations and have many benefits from mother by wearing Pearl. The weight of the Pearl gemstone should not be less than 5 Carats.