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In the Stars: Total Lunar Eclipse, December 4-11, 2011…shining light on the astrology of the week

For these people, an eclipse signals an usual time of change for the normally-stagnant Taurus.

A bonus for Taurus: this is a time to take what you want. If you focus on your goals during this time, you may just achieve your dreams. Born between May 21 st and June 20 th , those of the Gemini sign are in for a treat during an eclipse.

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For you, change is going to look like new approaches to relationships, learning, and self-expression. Now is the time for letting go of the past and forging ahead. If you were born between June 21 st and July 20 th , you were born beneath the sign of cancer. Despite its name, this is a great sign to be under during an eclipse.

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Now is the time for you to finally find harmony and support at home—a big change for you. Born between July 21 st and August 20 th , those under the sign of Leo will receive a clean slate during an eclipse.

Lunations: Eclipses – Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses

This is your chance to leave your negative habits behind and embrace something better. And under an eclipse, you can expect an eclipse to herald a potentially rocky time. Born between October 21 st and November 20 th , the fiery Scorpio will see some old issues coming to the surface. November 21 st to December 20 th is the date range you need to be born in to be a Sagittarius. And if this is your sign, an eclipse will have an especially positive effect on your life. This is the time for personal growth. In fact, the eclipse will bring with it an irresistible desire to grow beyond your present boundaries, and to forge a new path through life.

The N. Node in the fourth house.

The Greater Malefic is unleashed. Saturn is the key player for this eclipse and even more so for the upcoming Conjunction. There is a crucial element that might be missed by many astrologers using the tropical zodiac exclusively.

Ancient and Traditional Astrology

The Eclipse occurs in the Moola Mula. Each of 27 or, according to some texts, 28 equal divisions of the ecliptic through which the moon passes during the course of a sidereal month; a lunar mansion; the period of time with which each of these corresponds. Moola nakshatra is ruled by the Goddess of destruction, i. Goddess Maha Kali. Ketu is also attributed to the nakshatra. So, when we draw up a chart using Tropical, the nakshatras will, of course, remain in the same place, but do not appear to belong to the signs and asterisms from which they were derived.

So, we have the odd situation of a planet in the early degrees of tropical Capricorn, whilst the sidereal charts place it in the early degrees of Sagittarius. This is the case in this chart. Moola is the galactic centre in Sagittarius ad to miss this is to lose much valuable information. In my own view, the nakshatras are too important to ignore.

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It is becoming increasingly apparent that astrologers such as Vettius Valens and those before him used a sidereal Babylonian zodiac and sometimes in concert with a Tropical zodiac. Of course, for some time, the two systems would have yielded similar results. You are in control of your own happiness and only certain individuals can understand that. You may be wondering whether or not you should make a change career wise or if you should get closer with a coworker.

Pretend your job is a dart board and the darts symbolize the goals you attend to reach. Trying to throw that right at the bullseye this year. If they wander off to the sides, trying to bring yourself back to center. Kind of brutual, but for the best. Focus your attention on plans you know you need to stick to and plans that are an essential part of your journey.

Don't dwell on the "what ifs" and follow your gut this season. A Cancer eclipse in the North Node of Fate h elps you understand the gifts you have been given. Whether it be tangible or not, each moment that brings something new into your life is worth reflecting on and appreciating. Make sure those closest to you are always appreciating lifes special gifts, because their negativity might drown you. You know the season and its eclipse has already weathered you down.

Push through your avalanche of change and remember the year is already halfway through. The year won't hold you back forever, only a minor setback along your life's journey.

Instead of thinking of this as a bad sign, try and use that energy to clear your head of all fear and bad thoughts. This is the year for you to start adding to your confidence meter, not take away from it. These waves will push you towards the right path and force you to learn and grow.

You have no choice but to give into the eclipse and its force. You may be happy you did. Follow Us.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

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